Get your Y Combinator application reviewed by an alum before you apply

We match you with a YC alum who’ll do a double-blind review of your application

How it works

Sign up for YC Review

Give us some info, like your one-liner and what industry your company is in.

Get matched with an alum

We use your info to match you with someone who can help the most.

Receive feedback

Upload your application and get anonymous feedback in 2-3 days.


Is my application private?

Yes. We will only share your application draft with the reviewer that you match you. Before signing them up, we ask every reviewer to sign an agreement that every application must be treated “for their eyes only“.

Why did you build this?

We built this based on two core beliefs: (a) early, honest feedback is key to any startup’s success and (b) most entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and beyond are open to give back to the community.

How do you verify that reviewers are YC alumni?

At this point, we personally invite them to volunteer as reviewers. We may add more verification steps such as Twitter and/or AngelList account linking in the near future.

Who’s behind YC Review?

The main person behind YC Review is Alex, with a few others helping out with the execution. Our main goal is to selflessly give back to the community, by making it easier to get access to early feedback by experts.

I’m not a YC alum, can I be a reviewer?

Not at this point. We want to keep this community just for YC prospects and alumni. We may eventually allow qualified angel and other early-stage investors to come onboard as reviewers.

I’m an investor, can I access your user base?

The short answer is maybe. You can drop us a line and we’ll take it from there. We’ll never share anyone’s application without their consent.

What’s a double-blind review?

In short, you won’t know who reviewed your application and the reviewer won’t know who you are (at least not explicitly). It’s up to you how much personal information you include in what you submit.

Are you affiliated with YC?

Nope. We are startup founders trying to help out other fellow founders who are in our shoes. We are not affiliated with Y Combinator or any other investment firm.